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Safeguarding policy

At Mindfu11plus we recognize our duty to ensure that all children learn in a safe environment where all children are treated equally and enjoy their learning journey. We see this as part of our responsibility to safeguard children and take measures for their protection. We therefore recognize that children are subject to: Physical, Emotional, Sexual Harm or Neglect.

We also recognize we have a duty to prevent children from the abuse that occurs through individuals or organizations that promote violence or radicalization that go against British Values. We are aware that all these forms of abuse which go against children’s welfare can also occur online.

To ensure that children are safe we adhere to the Tutors Association Code of practice at all times and have a Code of conduct for children which is conducive to respectful and developmental relationships between all members of a group. Both documents are available on our website.

Our policies and procedures are made available to all members of staff, class members and parents. It is our duty to ensure they are followed by all participants.

For these purposes we:

  • Ensure all members of Staff or volunteers are aware of policies and procedures and have a current
  • Make a detailed record which is confidential of any incidents or
  • Maintain all records of pupils and parents
  • Report concerns to the Bromley Local Authority Designated
  • Constantly carry out Risk Assessments according to the different teaching

This policy will be permanently reviewed and updated according to any changes in current legislation.