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Complaints procedure

The purpose of this document is to provide parents and careers of pupils with a straightforward procedure to solve any query or misunderstanding that might occur during the tuition provided.

Fluent and respectful communication is the basis of an effective relationship between parents and tutors. Maintaining this is a mutual commitment taken by tutors and parents to support pupils’ development. We aim to provide an effective and efficient tutoring system that is inclusive and puts the child at the center of the process. We normally acknowledge and respond to complaints within seven days. Some complaints will require an investigation where a longer period of time might be required. If your complaint requires a longer period of time we will let you know. We aim to address an issue as soon as possible but this might take up to 20 days.

During this period of time we will keep you informed of any progress.

We consider three stages in our complaints procedure:

Stage One

Informal Complaints

Low level concerns about tutoring provision, safety, safeguarding can be dealt with by your tutor, we encourage you to do so via telephone or email and outside of session time. This will ensure that the tuition time of pupils is not affected and your complaint is given the attention it deserves. Please contact us promptly so that we can address your complaint without delay. If necessary a conciliation meeting will be organized in a mutually convenient time. We will not be able to address your complaint once the tuition period has been completed. If the issue continues to be unresolved a formal complaint needs to be submitted.

Stage Two

Formal complaints

A formal complaint should be made within seven days from when the initial issue arose. This should be done in writing in the attached form and emailed to Formal Complaints will receive a written response within twenty business days to their complaints.

Stage Three

If the issue continues to be unresolved a complaint can be made to the Tutor’s Association which is the professional membership body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK and is recognised as such by the UK Government. Please click request a form to complaint to them as an external party via email to